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Jack's food delivery

You can order Jack`s premium-class food delivered to your home or office: Jack`s Famous Selection of Pizzas (both personal and large size) Traditional Cold & Hot Sandwiches Healthy Selection of Fresh Garden Salads Freshly Made Hot & Cold Soups and Meals Grilled to Order Shashliks Daily Baked Desserts Party & Catering Platters Freshly Squeezed Juices.

We don’t sell food - we deliver convenience!

Price for the dish 190 rub.
Price for the dish 10 400 rub.
-2 100 rub. 8 300 rub.
Price for the dish 470 rub.
Price for the dish 200 rub.
Price for the dish 335 rub.
Price for the dish 11 250 rub.
-2 260 rub. 8 990 rub.

Pizza and lunches order

If you call us you can order a dinner to home in Moscow. Jack's – is always hot lunches and delicious food. We deliver lunches seven days a week. We also offer you to order pizza and delivery in Moscow: our Jack`s pizza will undoubtedly be to your's taste. When ordering pizza in your office or to home you will get the biggest and the freshest italian delicacy!