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Order and Delivery page

How to place an order Payment methods Delivery Schedule TakeOut Orders

How to place an order:

After having selected and placed your desired menu choices in your electronic order basket, you should review your order. A single order can consist on many menu selections. Once you have made and finalized your menu selections (a) push the checkout button and undergo the registration procedure or (b) input your personal "Jack’&squot; internet site registration data (login/password).

After the order is authorized (a) choose the address, date, food delivery time, suitable payment method (cash on delivery, payment by credit/debit card) and (b) push the “Continue” button.

If you chose “payment by credit/debit card” you will be forwarded to the credit/debit card payment application page where you must input (in “safe mode”) your personal data and credit/debit card details for making the payment.

When you have successfully completed the abovementioned order placement process, a Jack’s Call Center operator will contact you to confirm your order’s final details .

If you have any questions concerning Jack’s ordering procedure (payment process, order selection or delivery details), Jack’s Call Center operators are available to answer your questions and can be reached at +7 (495) 956-61-96 or +7 (495) 933-99-44.

Payment methods:


  • payment in cash (rubles) on delivery


  • at Jack’s TakeOut point   
  • through Jack’s courier via electronic card payment terminal (or voice authorization). Bank cards accepted by Jack’s: VISA, MasterCard, American Express)    

3. PAYMENT VIA JACK’S WEBSITE in on-line mode can be made via the CloudPayments electronic payments system :

  • either VISA or MasterCard bank cards   
  • A preliminary order can be paid for via bank card through Jack’s Website if the order is placed no more than 7 calendar days before scheduled order delivery date.
  • The payment is made through Jack’s Website at the time of internet order placement (i.e. immediately after order “checkout”.)
  • At the time of internet order placement (a) each bank card is checked for solvency and (b) funds in the amount of the internet order are reserved (i.e. “blocked”).
  • Actual money withdrawal/transfer (financial confirmation) will be completed following Jack’s acceptance/confirmation of each applicable order within 7 calendar days after successful authorization of the credit/debit card.
  • If the order is confirmed partially, funds will be withdrawn from the credit/debit card in the amount needed to pay for the confirmed part of the order.
  • If an order is not confirmed, the associated funds will not be withdrawn from your credit/debit card.
  • In case an order is not accepted by the client, the associated funds will be returned to the bank card from which the order was paid for.
  • In case the order is refused/cancelled no less than 3 hours* before the moment of actual delivery, the funds will be returned within 7 calendar days.

* - Except in the case of «Prior Order dishes».

  • In case of delivery of a substandard order, contact «Jack’s» Call Center at the moment of delivery on number 956-61-96 and report the incident.
  • If the substandard menu items cannot be replaced, the associated funds transfer will not be withdrawn from the credit/debit card.

The information on confirmation ( or non-confirmation) of an order is made available via e-mail.

A prepaid order is delivered/handed to the person indicated as an Order Recipient in the document that proves his/her identity.

Classified customer information (card details, registration data, etc) received in a coded format is processed at the applicable credit/debit card’s processing center. Thereby no one, including the seller (i.e. «Jack’s»), is able to obtain personal and banking details of the customer - including information about his/her purchases made with other vendors.

Bank card payments are processed on the internationally certified CloudPayments electronic payments system website. A cardholder’s classified information (card details, registration data, etc) do not pass through Jack’s processing/order system and a client’s personal financial information is fully protected during processing. No one (not even Jack’s) can receive personal and banking details of the customer. To protect the information against unauthorized access at the stage of transfer from the customer to the CloudPayments system server, the SSL 3.0 protocol is used. The CloudPayments Company has passed the PCI certification (Data Security Standards or PCI safe storage standards developed and introduced by VISA and MasterCard payment systems for safe storage of bank card holder’s personal data). In addition, the CloudPayments safety is certified by the HackerSafe certificate.

Transferred data safety

To protect information against unauthorized access at the stage of transfer from the customer to the CloudPayments system server, the SSL 3.0 protocol is used. The server (128 bit) certificate is issued by the Thawte Company, a recognized center for the issuance of digital certificates.

Delivery Schedule

Jack’s client deliveries are made:
7:00 - 22:00 on weekdays
09:00 - 21:00 on Saturday
10:00 - 21:00 on Sunday

Please note: delivery within Moscow is free!
TakeOut – Jack’s offers a 20 % DISCOUNT on all takeout orders (with no minimum order amount!)
1st zone - minimum order – 1100 rubles
2nd zone - minimum order – 1700 rubles
3rd zone - minimum order – 3500 rubles
Within Zone 1 orders for less than 1,100 rubles will be delivered for an additional fee of 290 rubles.
Zone 4 orders (beyond the Moscow Ring Motorway): the minimum order is 5,000 + 30 rubles for each km.
beyond the Moscow Ring Motorway. Zone 4 clients can obtain additional details about their orders by calling Jack’s Call Centre.


Узнайте минимальную стоимость заказа для бесплатной доставки по Вашему адресу, нажав на выделенные Зоны доставки.

TakeOut Orders

You can pick up your order yourself at Jack’s TakeOut point near «Aviamotornaya» metro station
at 109202, Moscow, 1st Frezernaya Street, 2/1, building 10.

In case you choose Jack’s takeout you will receive a 20% discount (with no minimum order)!

Directions to reach Jack’s TakeOut

See the map Print the map