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In the beginning of the 1990s, life in Moscow was just beginning its transition to an open market economy.

Many foreign citizens came to work and help modernize Russia, particularly to Moscow. This new dynamic Russian reality was especially interesting for journalists, who came here to report on ongoing economic and social changes. As expected, Moscow life strongly differed from the life they were used to. For example, such concepts as take-away food and pizza delivery were absent or just starting to be developed by entrepreneurs. There was almost a complete absence of very good quality, affordable food to satisfy demanding western palates.

An enterprising American journalist named Jack Brady found himself in Moscow. He was a typical prototype American mass-media reporter. Constantly on-the-go and striving for efficiency and success, he, on a daily basis, found himself seeking ways to quickly and reliably obtain quality food for himself and for his colleagues. The idea of opening a food preparation and delivery operation eventually occurred to Jack and his friends -- namely to establish a "mobile restaurant" which would deliver delicious and nutritious food, made fresh from the highest quality ingredients. This was the beginning of world famous Jack`s of Moscow.

Over time Jack’s developed a well deserved reputation for outstanding quality quick food delivery service. The company eventually expanded its operations to include catering events as well as corporate lunch and dinner programs.

Jack Brady himself moved on to new assignments long ago but his legacy lives on in the modern Jack’s company philosophy and current food service operations: uncompromising quality, speed of customer service, passion for innovation,love for food, and the constant drive to excel and honor Jack Brady’s vision.

Where is now Jack? We heard that somewhere in Indochina…